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Places You Don’t Want to Be Mayor of

The men’s bathroom at a bar

I know the first thing I think when I see a crusty,  piss-stained urinal is “I gotta keep coming back here and snag that sweet, sweet mayorship!”

A substance abuse center

Looks like someone’s been relapsing.


You, sir, probably suck. Why on earth would you want to be mayor of BP? You really want the +6 points that bad?

A Bail Bondsmen

Maybe if you stopped checking in on FourSquare, the cops wouldn’t keep finding you.

Traffic Court

Have you ever heard of a radar detector?

[Locale NSFW]

No mayor yet, but fingers crossed!

Your Mom

Always a crowd-pleaser.  Surprised there’s no mayor yet.



2 thoughts on “Places You Don’t Want to Be Mayor of

  1. I am, in fact, mayor of “Your Mom” at one of the many Austin locations.

    Posted by Traci | December 21, 2010, 10:30 am

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