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Which would you rather look at?

You need to find out a website’s shipping and return ship policies.  Which would you rather look at? This one?   Or this one? Yeah, it’s pretty clear.  Props to Asos.com for making an easy to absorb graphic explaining their shipping policies, and storing the fine print elsewhere. Advertisements

Because I’m a geek (World Series Google Calendar)

Public Google Calendars for the 2010 World Series available here to add to your calendar. Here’s the XML, iCal, and HTML

Is Google Testing Out Ads on their Main Page?

Advertising on the Google main page? Really? Even if it’s for Google products and features, this ad is garish and shrieks, “Girls! Girls! Girls!” Continue reading

That’s Mrs. (null) to you!

Someone at Tungle.me needs to proofread their code. If the whole point is to welcome back a user, you’re invalidating (nullifying?) the sentiment if you don’t check what you’re calling them.   It could have been worse (and funnier): there could have been an exclamation point at the end. That’s all for now, null!