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Popcorn cookie (yeah, that’s right)

A conversation at work:

“Someone should make a popcorn cookie,” I announced.


“Hunh. I’m not sure if that sounds good. I can’t tell if I like it or if I’m offended.” said Ashley, our intern.

“It would be awesome.  Think about it, people love cornbread, even more when it’s all sweet. Why not a buttery shortbread cookie with the soft crunch and taste of popcorn?”  I said.  Mmmm, salty, buttery, and sweet.  Trifecta.

“Yeah, I don’t know, would that even work? How would you even begin to combine them?” asked Minh, our SEO guy.

I pushed my chair back and stood.  “If they can fry beer, then they can make a popcorn cookie!” I declared.

[In my mind, applause ensued.  In reality, not so much.  Just some giggles.]



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