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At the BlogHer Conference 2010 in NYC.  Posting on the fly.  There may be some typos and grammar snafus and general incoherency in my upcoming posts.

Logging into the general wifi near the Grand Ballroom.  Wondering how many passwords are being typed in right now on an unsecured wireless network.  Hmmm…

Had a great chat with Carissa Rogers (goodncrazy.com), an energetic blogger with spirited opinions on the role of corporate sponsorship in blogging.  She’s laid questions at our feet: how do you handle sponsorship without compromising your credibility?  Can it ever be done well?  Should you be totally transparent? as in “this blog post was brought to you by Charmin”?  Or absorb it into the transcript of the blog?  As in “Honey, can you bring me some Charmin?”  Something to think about…



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