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Covert Ops

I’m friends with the women at the American Heart Association booth at BlogHer 2010, because my sister is one of these women and all of them are very cool chicas.  When I told them about the cupcake decorating station at Pillsbury upstairs, they gasped in envy.

“Omigod, we’re never going to get a chance to get over there!”  Megan moaned.

Taking the cue, I scurried away, covertly stealing some AHA swag.  I traded AHA pilates bands and AHA Go Red for Women pins for two lovingly decorated cupcakes up at Pillsbury.  The Pillsbury girls laughed and accepted the “gifts”.  I returned to AHA booth where my sister and Megan scarfed them down and happily licked the frosting and hypocrisy off their fingers.  “What an awful example we’re setting,” they joked.

These girls are great.  I am muy fond of them.

The Pillsbury decorating station included Pillsbury® Easy Frost™ No-Fuss Frosting (I swear this is not a plug).  I predict that the Easy-Frost will go the way of ReddiWip, as in people will happily shove the nozzle in their mouths and pull the trigger in an awesome frosting explosion.  Who needs cupcakes to get in the way, really?



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