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Update on the 10-book-30-day challenge, Part 2

I challenged myself awhile back to read more and watch TV less. Here’s Part 2 of the progress report.  (Check out Part 1 here). Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us) – Tom Vanderbilt – This is a great, thorough treatise on the way people drive and a … Continue reading

Oh man did I manage to f*** up today.

Hello, what’s this? A mental baseball bat? Don’t mind if I do! I proceeded to beat myself up good and proper, until I extracted the $2000 worth of self-esteem that can now be crumpled up and thrown away… Continue reading

Coffee girl

I’m working at a new company to supplement my freelance work, and it turns out the environment is quite male-dominated.  For days, I have feared that if I make the coffee, the responsibility will fall to me every morning.  It’s not an unlikely scenario.  Moreover, I think I’m terrible at making coffee; the proportions never … Continue reading

A misdirected commercial

I must have seen this commercial at least 6 times before I realized that the ad was for AT&T and not a dating website.  Did that happen to anyone else? Hm. Even watching it now, I can’t quite figure out how often having 3G is going to come in handy in meeting the love of … Continue reading

Eggland’s Social Media

I visited the Eggland’s booth at the conference (BlogHer 2010). Props to Eggland’s for… Continue reading

Covert Ops

I’m friends with the women at the American Heart Association booth at BlogHer 2010, because my sister is one of these women and all of them are very cool chicas.  When I told them about the cupcake decorating station at Pillsbury upstairs, they gasped in envy. “Omigod, we’re never going to get a chance to … Continue reading

At the BlogHer bookstore

I was browsing the BlogHer bookstore, and there’s a lot of very interesting titles.  I flipped through the following books and they looked interesting enough that I wanted to buy them.  Go check them out at Amazon. What She’s Not Telling You: Why Women Hide the Whole Truth and What Marketers Can Do About It … Continue reading

Live twitterfeed

Good idea.  The live twitterfeed (sponsored by PepsiCo)

Here we go…

Chatting with Carissa Rogers of goodncrazy.com Continue reading

Update on the 10-book-30-day challenge

I challenged myself awhile back to read more and watch TV less.  Here’s the progress report. Made to Stick by Chip Heath & Dan Heath – finished this one on August 1.  This is an excellent book, especially if you’re writing a blog.  Now whenever I feel like something’s missing from a post, I consider … Continue reading