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Amsterdam has Highest Per Capita Social Media Professionals

Social Media Professionals Per Capita in European Cities

City names’ font size are presented here as a function of the number of social media professionals per 100,000 people in the respective city.

For example, Amsterdam has 1,5770 social media professions and 2,497,000 people, which is 63 social media professionals per 100,000 people, and represented by 63 point font (in the original picture, which you have to click on to see.)

The Methods I Used:

  • I pulled data from LinkedIn’s advanced search.  The search query was “social media” in quotes, then I selected particular metropolitan areas, and noted the number of search results.  I didn’t filter by any other parameters; you can see the query here.  I collected the data on June 25, 2010, so the numbers may have changed.  (Note: And indeed they have.  I checked it today at the time of posting and Amsterdam now claims 1,753 SM professionals, which is a jump of +11.7% in about one month’s time.  Yowza.)
  • Population of metropolitan areas was taken from Wikipedia.
  • You can get the raw, collected data here.

Naturally, since this is per capita data, it overlooks the fact that London actually has 3.5 times as many SM professionals (5,446 of ’em), but also has 5.5 times as many people (13.7 million).  Paris also looks miniscule, but in actuality, it has a sizeable workforce of SM professionals (868 of ’em), fourth after Madrid (919 professionals), Amsterdam, and London.

Other Points of interest:

  • What’s also interesting is that the two other Dutch cities of The Hague and Rotterdam also have high per capita of SM professionals, landing in 5th and 9th place, respectively; the three cities are located within a 30 mile radius of each other.
  • Germany seems sort of fragmented and pathetic, with no clear German city leading the way in social media.   Check out this good article on German social media.
  • Milan is going strong in Italy, which is not surprising; it’s Milan, not Rome, that is considered the center for marketing and is regarded as Italy’s New York City.
  • The Scandinavian cities of Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo are looking pretty strong too, especially the latter two.
  • My friends over at Social Media Delivered also wrote up a great piece on social media in the UK.

See any other interesting points in the map or the data?  Post to comments and let me know.

Disclaimers (natch):

I can’t really make any claims as to whether Amsterdam actually is a great place for social media professionals.  Maybe the people there just like to go silly and insert the phrase “social media” into their LinkedIn profiles.  Moreover, I can’t say for sure if the metropolitan areas used in Wikipedia is the geographically similar to that used in LinkedIn.

Still, this was just a fun little exercise, playing with data.  If you want to play with the data too, get it here.



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