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Meat Processor Uses Twitter for Local Deliveries

Texas Tripe (www.texastripe.com) is a custom meat processing business out of Detroit, Texas that processes raw food products, such as pork, venison, beef, and chicken.  Raw food is popular with pet owners, who prefer to feed their dogs and cats raw meat rather than processed canned food products or dry kibble. Because the products come in 10, 20 or 50 lb cases, shipping costs tend to be prohibitive for the average consumer. Instead, Texas Tripe has worked out a delivery-dropoff system, where they drive from their site of operations in Detroit to eight locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  At these locations, customers meet with the Texas Tripe driver and pick up their orders. The company has used the Google Maps custom map feature perfectly for this situation, detailing explicit directions for each of the drop off points (see below).

Moreover, Texas Tripe has been using Twitter (@texastripe) to update its customers of upcoming delivery dates and estimated times of delivery. Texas Tripe starts their day at 7 a.m., departing Detroit and updating its Twitter feed accordingly. Moreover, they also update Twitter with the precise time of arrival to the next dropoff site, no doubt gleaned from their GPS. (The tweet below means that they will arrive at the Richardson dropoff site at 3:18 pm).

Recently, Texas Tripe found even more value in using Twitter, when during a recent delivery run, their trailer had a tire blowout. Paul, their delivery coordinator, was able to keep their customers updated using Twitter (and the HTC Peep app on his smartphone), and posted revised delivery times once he got on the road again.

Texas Tripe currently has 61 followers, and just looking at their list of followers, nearly all of them appear to be individuals and not businesses, suggesting that @texastripe is functioning quite well as a megaphone to their consumers. Interestingly, of the 61 followers, 16 followers’ profile pictures features either a picture of a pet (dog or cat) with or without their owner. It’s pretty clear Texas Tripe’s fans really love their pets.

Texas Tripe has demonstrated perfectly just how any business, even ones in the meat processing industry, can take advantage of social media to serve its customers.



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