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Mike Birbiglia suckered me out of $16, but I’m okay with that.

Mike Birbiglia is one of my favorite comedians, and he’s currently making an interesting offer to his fans.  Check it out:


“If you buy the book this week and email the receipt here, I will video chat with you JUST LIKE THAT! I will do this with the first 50 people who reply with their receipt, and then if you miss the first 50 cut-off, we’ll still send you a signed poster for the fall tour. Everyone’s a winner. It’s like Vegas.”  

–From Mike Birbiglia’s e-newsletter, July 20th, 2010

And believe it or not, it totally worked on me.  I bought the book and sent him the receipt.  And I did it not just because I’d love to video chat with the guy who came up with “I’m in the future also”, but because it means I wouldn’t have to scrape up another blog post idea that week.  (As an aside, I am perfectly capable of coming up with blog posts, but only while I’m in the shower.  Unless I happen to get distracted, which I often do.)

Mike’s been posting the videos of the fans he’s already video chatted with at his YouTube channel , and they’re pretty good.  You can also check out his website .

I wonder: Did the Old Spice campaign inspire Mike Birbiglia to videochat with his fans?  I’ll ask him if I get the chance.  



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