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Amsterdam has Highest Per Capita Social Media Professionals

City names’ font size as a function of the number of social media professionals per 100,000 people in the respective city.
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10 books. 30 days. Can it be done?

I did it back in January for a month, and got through eleven books. I had to give up TV at the same time to pull it off, but it got done. Made to Stick by Chip Heath & Dan Heath Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us – Seth Godin (Update 08/18/10: I’ve decided … Continue reading

Meat Processor Uses Twitter for Local Deliveries

Texas Tripe has demonstrated perfectly just how any business, even ones in the meat processing industry, can take advantage of social media to serve its customers. Continue reading

A public Google Calendar for BlogHer 2010 Conference

I’m attending the 2010 BlogHer conference in New York City on August 6-7.  While I was figuring out which workshops to attend, I decided to go ahead and add all of them to my calendar, so I’d know what’s going on at all times, and additionally make the calendar publicly available to all.  So here … Continue reading

Mike Birbiglia suckered me out of $16, but I’m okay with that.

Mike Birbiglia is one of my favorite comedians, and he’s currently making an interesting offer to his fans.  Check it out:   “If you buy the book this week and email the receipt here, I will video chat with you JUST LIKE THAT! I will do this with the first 50 people who reply with their receipt, and then if … Continue reading

The Most Common Emotional Barriers to Selling

I work freelance and I talk with a lot of people who often tell me “I hate sales.”  No doubt.  There are very few people who actually enjoy it.  But sometimes you gotta do it. Here’s the most common barriers people put up when it comes to selling. I don’t know what to say when I sell. … Continue reading

Solving LinkedIn’s Ineffective Recommendations Feature

Frankly I’m a little flummoxed by LinkedIn’s insistence on using recommendations. As a freelance marketer, I know that whether a potential client/employer approaches me is dependent on the strength of my references. However, whenever any one of my references is contacted, he/she usually has the savvy to ask what for position I’m being considered. That’s necessary, … Continue reading