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GoMobo could goViral, if only they’d API themselves to Twitter

The company: GoMobo, a mobile service that “allows busy people to order, pay for and pick up takeout food without waiting in line.”

What they’re doing right: they offer consumers the opportunity to text message their orders into a restaurant (usually fast food); the customer then picks up the order.  Delivery is also an option with some restaurants.

What they’re doing wrong: GoMobo isn’t using social media to market themselves, and is missing a big opportunity. The people who use GoMobo (online/txt msg fast food ordering services) also probably use Twitter and would be happy to broadcast to their Twitter followers “I just placed an order to Mooyah’s using GoMobo.”  I know one FourSquare fanatic who’s also a frequent Mayor of Mooyah’s (a burger joint) and a frequent Tweeter with about a thousand followers. This is a perfect opportunity for GoMobo to go viral. Developing an API for this reason shouldn’t be hard.  Plus, GoMobo must already have the technical and programming skills in-house, given the nature of their business, so why not develop the API?

Possible Partnership?  FourSquare could create a special “badge” for people who check in at a venue after they texted their order in. An API between FourSquare and GoMobo can facilitate the interaction of a texted order and subsequent check-in on Foursquare. Foursquare users love to collect badges; they have a badge for karaoke enthusiasts and for jetsetters who checkin to multiple airports.  A GoMobo badge could be another promising step for the company.

What’s next: The next step GoMobo should be taking is further developing their current iPhone app so that it’s not just a bookmark that opens up the browser when used. This information was gleaned from the reviews here. The reviews might be old, but the app is still hovering at 1.5 stars so the app is still not popular in any case.



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