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Trying out StickyBits and am finding it interesting

I just tested out StickyBits, link courtesy of @cgawley.  You can get a barcode from the website and attach photos, videos, music, text, urls, pdfs to the barcode.  

As an example, I scanned the barcode below and attached my website url to it.  So if I were to print the barcode on the back of my business card, (or maybe even somehow place it in the background of my Twitter page?  hmmm, need to figure out how to do that.), then anyone has easy access to my website and no messy typing with fat fingers is necessary.
Unfortunately, this only works if you already have the StickyBits app on your iPhone or Android phone.  I tried using my generic barcode scanner on my G1 (an Android-powered device) and that was a no go.  
Still it’s a very interesting application that could have a lot of uses.  The best applications are going to be situations where you don’t have access to pen & paper, and typing out what you want on your phone is too cumbersome.  
– If you’re a lecturer, you often give talks on PowerPoint and end up citing a lot of people or publications. Place a barcode in the bottom corner of the PowerPoint slide that connects you to the article you’re citing, and your audience members can just point their phone in the air at the projector screen and get the article immediately.
– Are you a restaurant on Yelp?  Place the barcode on the front window of your establishment and StickyBits takes your customer directly to your Yelp reviews.  
– Here’s a completely out-there idea.  What if you’re a restaurant owner and you assigned barcodes to every item on your menu?  One click, and suddenly, you find out exactly whether people like the chicken enchiladas you were about to order.  
– Assign and affix a barcode to a book you buy from an used book store, then sell the book back.  The next person who buys it could post comments to it too on StickyBits and you can see the different people the book ends up with.
– Put a barcode on a flier that connects you to the associated craigslist ad or a pdf of the flier
– Suppose you’re a builder of some sort.  For example, let’s say you built a better mousetrap out of 5 components and you post your blueprints on your blog.  Assign a barcode to the blog posting and then on StickyBits, you can further add the Home Depot urls of the parts you used, and a pdf of the schematic, a video of how you built the mousetrap, and photos of the step by step instructions.  
This is just what I came up with off the top of my head.  Obviously the masses will crowdsource much better ideas than I could come up with.


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