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The One Big Thing Hulu is Missing

Hulu is one of the most watched websites for video content online, reaching over 39,000 unique visitors during the month of February, and garnering over $100 million in advertising revenue last year. It hosts over 900,000 videos and is constantly adding more content. The average Hulu viewer watched 23.3 videos during the month, beating out Yahoo!, … Continue reading

Swipely aims to to “turn purchases into conversations”

Today I got my beta invitation to try out Swipely, a social shopping site wherein your credit/debit card transactions are shared with others in order to “turn purchases into conversations.” You can see what your friends have purchased, your friends can see your purchases (that you’ve approved for sharing ahead of time). Then you make … Continue reading

GoMobo could goViral, if only they’d API themselves to Twitter

The company: GoMobo, a mobile service that “allows busy people to order, pay for and pick up takeout food without waiting in line.” What they’re doing right: they offer consumers the opportunity to text message their orders into a restaurant (usually fast food); the customer then picks up the order.  Delivery is also an option … Continue reading

Trying out StickyBits and am finding it interesting

I just tested out StickyBits, link courtesy of @cgawley.  You can get a barcode from the website and attach photos, videos, music, text, urls, pdfs to the barcode.     As an example, I scanned the barcode below and attached my website url to it.  So if I were to print the barcode on the … Continue reading


via blip.fm …is sorely missing a browse feature. And also a feed of what users are blipping now.

Guide to (Almost) Barefoot Running

I was casually asked by a fellow Crossfitter what the deal was with Vibram FiveFinger shoes. Lots of Crossfitters seem to like them, and we’ve got about four or five members at our box who swear by them. So here’s the theory behind why people like them and why you should try them out or at least try going barefoot more often.  When … Continue reading